Nine White Rooms – Bio
Terrence Martin – New Art in Digital

Traditionally when one thinks of Fine Art the medium for presentation is canvas with either oils or watercolours. Similarly with sculpture it has always been stone – marble, sandstone, soapstone, alabaster and others.

Terrence Martin (Terry) is a modern day innovator, a true artist in Digital Fine Art. He uses a range of recognised traditional mediums, - pencil, charcoal, paper, canvas, paints and brushes. But as a modern artist he then transfers his images to digital platform via iPad, software and technology, to then further create his wonderful, vivid and exciting art. His works subtly express a unique vision in colour and perspective – from full seascapes, landscapes and panoramas, to life studies (nudes), music interpretation and dance – all reflective of Terry’s own unique, fulsome life and experience.

And so it is with visual art - many changes are now occurring in a rapid succession. Much of Modern Art is now displayed electronically through a wide range of mediums. Light and image generation is measured in ‘pixel per inch’. But it is as always still how the viewer responds and feels to the imagery presented not the technology or medium of presentation

Terry’s forte has always been in Design – he was a practicing architect for over 40 years. As a young man growing up in and studying in Sydney, Terry was greatly influenced by Brett Whiteley with whom he shared a warm friendship and appreciation of his art.

Now Terry has returned to his original passion – contemporary art.

The Art form he presents is a grand convergence of spontaneity, freehand sketching, photography, digital editing and printing. It’s exciting and quite different.

Since debuting in 2011, Terry has won commendations in over 10 local and international Art exhibitions. His work has now been included in the worldwide art book, “Current Masters 2015”. He exhibited in 2016 at Spectrum Art Fair in Miami (Florida) and at the Artexpo New York in 2017.

Terry has accepted a further invitation from Artifact Gallery in New York to solo exhibit again in New York 2019 at another prestigious major International Art Exhibition.

But for now here you have the opportunity to browse and appreciate his art. Nine White rooms – each offers a different and eclectic perspective. Enjoy

ArtistTerrence Michael Martin
BrandContemporary art and print making.
WorksExhibitions mounted in the Galleries are all original work by the artist.
A convergence of spontaneity, freehand sketching, photography,
digital editing and printing.


• Studied: University New South Wales

• Graduate: School of Architecture

• Art tutors: John Olsen, Leonard Hessing

• Architectural practice: 1974-1985

• Design and build contractor: 1985-1999

• Project management: 2000-2012

• Life drawing modelling: 2010

• Drawing, Photography, Digital Art: 2011-Present

• Ipswich art awards High Commendation drawing category: 2013

• International “Seascapes Exhibition” Honourable Mention: 2013

• International “Figurative Exhibition” Special Merit Award: June 2013

• International “Botanicals Exhibition” Special Recognition Award: Aug 2013

• International “Animals Exhibition” Special Merit Award: Sept 2013

• International “Open exhibition” Special Merit Award: Nov 2013

• International “Countryside Exhibition” Special Merit Award Oct 2013

• International Seascapes Exhibition Special Merit Award 2014

• International Abstract Exhibition Special Recognition Award Digital Category 2014

• International Landscape Exhibition Special Merit Award May 2015

• International Abstract Exhibition Special Merit Award June 2015

• Invitation to be part of World Wide Art Books "Current Masters 2015" publication

• Included in World Wide Art Books "Current Masters 2015" publication

• Invitation to exhibit solo art show Gallery Steiner, Vienna

• Participation Spectrum Art Fair, Miami, Dec 2016

• Participation Artexpo, New York Mar 2017

• Inclusion in Art in America Listing 2017

• Exhibit with ArtUpclose, LA Art Show 2019

• Exhibition April-May 2019, Ryazanoff Gallery, Melbourne Australia

• Exhibition June 2019, Artifact Gallery, New York City

• Exhibition at One Arts Gallery, Gold Coast Qld. April 2020

• Exhibition at One Arts Gallery, Gold Coast Qld. April 2021